In the current times, most organisations are witnessing a shift in customer and market landscapes. This new environment is putting pressure on existing systems and as a result, the need for resilient, flexible and secure systems and applications to ensure operational resilience has become vital. For instance the rise in the adoption of digital banking products and solutions by customers during lockdowns has propelled financial organizations to expedite their digital transformation agendas. To match customers’ digital expectations, banks are making substantial improvements to their user experience (UX) design to offer a more seamless and intuitive customer experience. 

While the need for agility and scalability continues to push companies toward cloud adoption; on ground there is a lag in the success stories of cloud adoption by companies. Many company leaders have encountered major roadblocks along their path toward cloud once they questioned its impact on costs, security, latency, and more.
The lift and shift strategy - virtualizing the application and dropping it into cloud as is - can be a faster and more cost-effective way to move many applications into cloud at once; but it fails to harness majority of the cloud’s benefits as more often than not, no change is made to the application’s architecture. On the other hand, a complete refactoring of the application and its architecture to optimize for cloud takes a lot of time, skill and money. 

Exploiting cloud services and tooling, requires change across all of IT and more importantly business functions. It requires software engineering, operating-process improvement, and business innovation. This involves a complete rebirth instead of just refabrication of the cloud native infrastructure.

TechCircle is organizing Cloud - The Digital Infrastructure, a virtual summit that will bring together industry experts and torchbearers to deliberate on the future of cloud, its implementation, challenges and solutions, thus carving a roadmap for the future. 


4:00 PM onwards
  • 4:00 PM – 4:10 PM

    Registration & Networking

  • 4:10 PM – 4:20 PM

    Welcome by TechCircle: Introductions and Context Setting

  • 4:20 PM – 4:45 PM

    Keynote - TechCircle

    Taming the Cloud – A Perpetual Journey

    Although the business value of cloud adoption seems desirable, most of the time organisations are unable to define what success means to them. Hence, setting the correct metrics to measure the effectiveness of cloud shall help determine the right cloud strategy.
    By Shalil Gupta, Chief Business Officer, Mosaic Digital

  • 4:45 PM – 5:15 PM

    Panel Discussion 1

    Scalability and Agility – Repurposing Enterprises

    A company’s ability to quickly pivot to a new way of working in a time-sensitive manner at scale will be critical for preparing for the next normal. These pivots will continue and get compounded by the shift from omni-channel to omni-consumption across verticals.

    Rajeev Jorapur, Senior Vice President, Bajaj Auto Ltd
    Abhishek Ravi, CIO, Dream Sports                        
    Vijay Thomas, Founder & CEO, Tangentia

    Moderator:  Sumedha Bose, TechCircle

  • 5:15 PM – 5:35 PM

    Fireside Chat

    Embracing a Cloud First Strategy – Redefining the Right Mix of Costs, Security and Business Value

    “Cloud First” does not mean “Cloud Always.” For some organizations, the long-term goal may be to move all applications out of their data centers. For others, cloud-first may mean moving a subset of applications to the public cloud. The key is to extend beyond the purview of the IT organization. It must be understood and embraced by the whole organization.

    Daniel Hand,
    CTO APAC, Cloudera
    Jaideep Mehta,
    CEO, Mosaic Digital

  • 5:35 PM – 5:55 PM


    Rebirth of Cloud Native Applications - Adapt to Changing Market Needs

    Companies of all sizes now see a strategic advantage in being able to move quickly and get ideas to market fast. The Cloud Native approach is about moving quickly by taking small, reversible and low-risk steps to support more users, in more locations, with a broader range of devices. The strategic goal is to pay for additional resources only as needed.

    By Rohit Dhar, President – Products, upGrad

  • 5:55 PM – 6:15 PM

    Tech Talk

    Taking to the Cloud – With a Click

    Ganesh Thyagarajan, Vice President & Global head of Cloud Channels, Automation Anywhere
    Shalil Gupta, Chief Business Officer, Mosaic Digital

  • 6:15 PM – Onwards

    Closing Remarks

    By Shalil Gupta, Chief Business Officer, Mosaic Digital

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Rohit Dhar

President - Products, upGrad

Abhishek Ravi

CIO, Dream11 & Dream Sports

Rajeev Jorapur

Senior Vice President, Bajaj Auto Ltd

Ganesh Thyagarajan

Vice President & Global Head of Cloud Channels, Automation Anywhere

Vijay Thomas

Founder and CEO, Tangentia

Daniel Hand

Chief Technology Officer, APAC, Cloudera

Jaideep Mehta

Chief Executive Officer, Mosaic Digital

Shalil Gupta

Chief Business Officer, Mosaic Digital

Sumedha Bose

Sr. Manager, Research & Solutions, Mosaic Digital (Moderator)

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